Bias – Control in Delineation

How astrological delineation gets distorted because of bias on the part of the Astrologer (Personal Chart of the Astrologer – Political Bias, Cultural Bias, Ethnological Bias and so on).

I started this Research Project March 19th – 2021 – 6:38 am – Hannover – Germany – and I’m looking for Astrologers, who have read Chris Brennans Book „Hellenistic Astrology“ page for page and who are able to delineate Genethlialogy and are either a valid Trump-Hater or a strong Trump-Supporter. – If You are interested to do a talk about 90 Minutes, please contact me via my email :

Alternative Reading – „On the Heavenly Spheres“  by Helena Avelar  (Autor), Luis Ribeiro (Autor) or Demetra George – „Ancient Astrology in Theory and Practice – „A Manual of Traditional Techniques“ – Volume I and Volume II.

Erkenntnistheoretisch orientiert sich das Projekt an der Astrologischen Dissertation „Kritische Astrologie – Zur erkenntnistheoretischen und empirisch-psychologischen Prüfung ihres Anspruchs“ von Dr. Peter Niehenke –


der Religionswissenschaftlichen Habilitationsschrift von Dr. Dr. habil. Gustav Adolf Schoener „Astrologie in der Europäischen Religionsgeschichte – Kontinuität und Diskontinuität“ –

In a scientific research project like this one we have to oblige with the rules of philosophy of science – f.e. Systematicity: The Nature of Science (Oxford Studies in the Philosophy of Science) (Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Science)