As long as Decans and Dodekatemorien are not fully understood by me for my Genethlialogy practise and Triplicity remains to be fully integrated as well as all of Vettius Valens I’m very content to leave everything from Ptolemy and onwards for other people to be concerned with. Aphesis – Zodiacal Releasing alone is unbelievable complex if You follow the Webinars with Martien Hermes and that’s just from Spirit. Maybe I have to meet personally with Nechepsos and Petosiris like Jung did in the Red Book. That certainly would be OK with Valens. Maybe he did just that.,%20Germany&narozeni_sirka_stupne=52&narozeni_sirka_minuty=37&narozeni_sirka_smer=0&narozeni_delka_stupne=10&narozeni_delka_minuty=5&narozeni_delka_smer=0&narozeni_timezone_form=auto&narozeni_timezone_dst_form=auto&house_system=whole&true_uzel=on&asc_asp=on&hid_asc_asp=on&hid_fortune=&hid_fortune_check=on&hid_vertex=on&hid_vertex_check=&hid_chiron=on&hid_chiron_check=&hid_lilith=on&hid_lilith_check=&hid_uzel=&hid_uzel_check=on&tolerance=1&tolerance_paral=0&aya=&&radix=1&aktivni_tab=1&house_system=whole

I belong to the disíntegration group (keine Transsaturnier, Chirons, Asteroiden oder Eres)- I come from the modern and am now without anything after Lilly and am even critical of his Regiomontanus – and I don’t miss anything and I’m very sceptical about the modernness of Morinus.